September 14, 2012


and this is how you break it
yea I totally felt guilty eating this. But our office ordered lunch for us and I couldn't refuse. To make it better I layered lots of greens..and picked the eggplant slice rather than the meaty one. :) The cleanse was good but I don't feel any better or worse. Would I do it again? Yep. Next time I want to try for 5 days. Go big or go home right?

Things I have noticed while on the cleanse:
  • I was cold.. in the office the temperature is controlled most days I usually just wear my sweater but during the cleanse I was freezing. My fingers were so cold it was hard to type. :x
  • I normally get sleepy around 2pm but during the cleanse I didn't feel groggy, bloated or sleepy. Today of course at 2pm I started to get sleepy and closed my eyes for 5 minutes ;) 
  • I broke out >:( I don't know if it was stress related or the cleanse (maybe both) but work this week was crazy. Stayed late everyday and just had to meet a lot of deadlines, make changes and be superman fast. Felt a lot of anxiety and stress.. baahh thank God its Friday. 
  • After eating the pizza I noticed how thirsty I was throughout the day.. and I don't think it settled too well. 
This cleanse taught me to take care of my body. Not only exercising but what I put in my body. I love indulging but I need to cut out a lot of that junk out. I can see how it affects my system.

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