October 4, 2011

25 Things to do before I am 25

1. Learn to knit socks
2. Learn to knit sweaters
3. Design a full stationary line
4. Take more photos (thanks to the iphone)
5. Go on a vacation
6. Open a small online shop that sells paper goods or knit wear.
7. Get a full body massage
8. Run a 5k
9. Throw a party
10. Create a studio space
11. Become a morning person
12. Touch the eiffel tower
13. Do a juice cleanse
14. Cook a full meal for someone
15. Make pizza from scratch
16. Finish the (3)workout DVDs I bought last year
17. Rid my fear of driving
18. Wear glasses more
19. Visit California
20. Go on a juice cleanse
21. Take kick-boxing lessons
22. Go to a concert
23. Wear a bikini
24. Have 25-50% of my student loans paid off ::crosses fingers::
25. Read the entire Bible

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