November 9, 2012


I remember taking a personality test a while ago and one of the things I lacked was laying out long term goals. It's hard for me to think about the future and setting out realistic goals that I can meet. I have those "dreams" in my heart that one day I can be this and have this...but it's not's more of a child's play. Sounds so pessimistic but I mean it in a optimistic way. For example, my "dream" is to have a little shop that makes no profit. haha. I want it to be a donation based store that sells hand-made goods and all the profit will go to organizations in need. I also want to create a photo library that caters to missionaries. In this library will have easy to read, well designed infographics on different countries that can be sold as a poster that people can hang in their homes. It will be reminder for them the needs in that country, to pray and to keep hope.
That's my dream. To combine design and missions together.

But my long term goal to get there...nada.
I don't know how to strategically layout the blueprint for this platform of a dream.

Coming back to reality and my current situation.
I need to be debt free..student loans and credit cards (they are evil!)
I haven't touched my cc's in a loong long time. I'm learning to live within my means. I created an excel and everything. Excel makes everything official :P

On another note, I finally finished my hooray cardigan. I actually completed it a two weeks ago. Now I gotta take pictures and show off my first knitted sweater! Coming soon TO your nearest blogs.